RPMP Media is an award-winning production company specializing in capturing the world’s most extreme environments.

Since 2002, we have traveled all seven continents producing heart stopping media. From the summit of Mt Everest, with crocodiles in the Okavango Delta to deep within Antarctica.

No environment in beyond our reach and capabilities. We love the challenge, we love the adventure and we have the skill set.
With extensive experience in the industry, we are an award-winning provider of:

- Filming extreme environments
- Adventure filmmaking
- Documentary production
- Corporate video production

We are based in California and work Internationally with select partners in Sydney Australia & Johannesburg South Africa.
Extreme environments and cameras do not mix well... The team at RPMP Media made filming in the middle of Antartica look easy! The result was outstanding.
Antarctica Logistics

RPMP Media enables you to achieve your creative goals.

Check out our behind the scenes clip of the Okavango Expedition:

Media Recent Film Festival Awards:

RPMP Media flying with a Waco Biplane.

Our most recent shoot was a Waco Aircraft. This aircraft is simply beautiful located at Pine Mountain Lake Airport in California (E45). RPMP Media was lucky enough to have some amazing light and Jason Johanson's Cessna 206 photo platform to shoot this beautiful footage. Music: Intro by XX.